Waking up in Paris

Photographer: Mon amour

WAKING UP IN PARIS. Wow! It most definitely wasn’t yesterday that I posted here on the blog. I have needed this break to truly miss it and long back to writing long blog posts and publishing so much more content than what is possible on Instagram. I must say that the blog has always been my favourite social outlet during theses 16 years that I have had my blog. It feels so much more personal with a blog rather than drowning in all the media and content on Instagram. Recently I have felt a longing to start writing again so I will publish all content that I have from these last couple of months mixed together with more up to date content and city guides, whatever is on my mind/in my heart will be published.

One of my favourite trips during 2022 was our autumn trip to Paris. As you all know by now Paris is a city very dear to my heart and we always make sure to go 1-2 times per year. I love to come here during spring and during fall, the air has something magical in it. I also love autumn fashion, being able to wear layers. Being able to walk out the door in a skirt and a sweater without being cold is just magnificent. I love this coat from Ida Sjöstedt in brown with a hint of glitter in it, so chic.



RALPH LAUREN Polo sweater


WOLFORD Stockings



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