In room breakfast at Le Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

Photographer: Moi

IN ROOM BREAKFAST AT LE PAVILLON FAUBOURG SAINT-GERMAIN. One of my favourite parts of staying at a hotel, especially while being in Paris is to order in room breakfast the night before so you can wake up, put on your fluffy robe to then enjoy breakfast in bed. Something that made this even more cozy was the fact that it was pouring down rain outside this Saturday morning and our room was located on the top floor so we could hear the rain pouring down on the windows, it couldn’t have been any more cozy. We put on a episode of The Crown and crawled down under the fluffy duvet. I must say that Le Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain has been so warm and welcoming from the moment we arrived to check in. That truly makes the difference between hotel and hotel. Johan and I have stayed at countless of beautiful 5 star properties around the world at this point and the hotels we keep coming back to in conversations are always the ones where the staff has been warm and personal, going that extra mile for the guest. It can be both small gestures, things that you discover in the details or more grand gestures but most importantly, that smile when you walk through the lobby, being greeted by your names, that makes you truly feel seen and both Johan and I love that.

I can highly recommend you to check in to Le Pavillon if you are planning a romantic get away to Paris, it’s located in the heart of St Germain des Pres, in my opinion, the most beautiful and romantic area of Paris. All the bistros, art galleries, stunning squares and buildings, this area has such an ambience and I love waking up in the middle of it. I usually don’t eat a lot of breakfast when I’m at home, I start my mornings with water with fresh lemon in it, a cup of green tea and a grape but I make an exception for early breakfasts when we are travelling. Breakfasts taste even better in Paris, the croissants and pain au chocolates made to perfection by the local bakery, a freshly made omelette with tomatoes and herbs, freshly squeezed orange juice and perhaps a little farmer’s yoghurt if I’m in the mood. I do love a good farmer’s yoghurt when in France.

After we were done with breakfast in bed we made ourselves ready for a day out in the city of lights. Musée D’Orsay was on our schedule as well as discovering a couple of new cafés and bistros from my never ending list of places to discover in the city that I keep in my phone. I do love to stay at a hotel in St Germain des Près, it truly is the heart of Paris.

Location: 5 Rue du Pré aux Clercs, 75007 Paris

Website: Le Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

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