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QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. I get many questions from you that you would like to get to know Johan a bit better. You mostly see him under the name ‘Mon Amour’ on the blog but I thought that I would take the time and answer the most frequently asked questions that I get from you about Johan and our relationship.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. Jag får många frågor från er gällande att ni gärna skulle vilja lära känna Johan lite bättre. Ni ser honom mest på bloggen under namnet ‘Mon amour‘ bakom kameran så jag tänkte ta fram honom från bakom objektivet och sätta honom framför kameran! Jag besvarar här de mest ställda frågorna som jag får på bloggen gällande Johan samt vårt förhållande.

What does Johan work with?

Johan runs his own business like I do and he has been an entrepreneur his entire life. The business that he is focusing on right now is Rymdvodka, a premium vodka that has been sent towards space! You can buy this vodka in Sweden. This is a company that Johan created 1 year ago and they have had a great success with the product. This is why Johan can travel with me around the world on my different projects as he can work from any place as long as there is wifi.

What’s the most romantic thing Johan has done for you?

The sweetest thing he has done for me is actually something he said to me. We had been dating for about 2 weeks and he told me that he had never in his entire life met a girl that he felt this connected with, this made my heart melt! The love that we have for each other is so deep and the bond that we have is what I cherish most! We both knew after just dating a couple of weeks that we would be together forever, I knew in my heart that I had met my soulmate.

– What is Johan like? Do you ever have arguments as you spend so much time together?

Johan is a fun, loving, creative and positive guy! He always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face even on my hardest days, he knows how to cheer me up! Johan and I complement each other very well, we have been together for 1,5 years soon and we haven’t had one single fight yet and I think this is because we harmonize each other very well so in the situations where there could have been an argument we solve things by talking. We are both all about communicating which I think is one of the key elements to a healthy and loving relationship!

– Where do you want to settle down and have your own family and kids?

Johan and I are still young so we want to continue to travel and expand our businesses globally! We have been talking about living in Paris together for some time before buying an apartment in Stockholm together, perhaps next year we will make the purchase! Regarding kids we first want to have a stable place to live before we head in to that phase of our life so probably in 5 years or so.

When did you and Johan have the talk? Any plans of an engagement soon?

Johan and I never had ‘the talk’, it fell in to place naturally. It felt like it was us from the first day that we met. It was like I lost sight of everything male in my environment, I could only see and think about Johan. I would love to get engaged to Johan tomorrow if we could but we don’t want to rush it, perhaps in 1-2 years, who knows! I want it to be a big surprise when he does go down on one knee! That day will be one of the best days in my life! I am a hopeless romantic if you haven’t noticed hehe..

What is your best advice when it comes to having a long distance relationship?

I thought that it would be so hard to have a long distance relationship! I had this horrible idea of everything and I couldn’t have been more wrong! I actually think that it is very healthy and important for every relationship to have a period in your lives where you live in separate cities. The fact that Johan and I had only been dating for a couple of weeks when I moved to Paris didn’t scare us at all, we knew we would make it! But of course it is tough sometimes, I would sit in my apartment and cry because I missed him so much but thank god for Skype! Your love and your bond grows even stronger by living in different places because you truly have to make an effort from both ends to make it work! My best advice is to really communicate via Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, there are so many great ways of communicating in today’s society!

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