Petit déjeuner at Cafe de Flore

PETIT DÉJEUNER AT CAFE DE FLORE. I absolutely love the French type of breakfast, a croissant or baguette with butter and a jam, freshly pressed orange juice and a coffee or tea. My go to thing is to cut the croissant open and spread butter and apricot jam inside, pure bliss in my mouth! On my baguette I usually prefer butter and strawberry jam. When I used to live in Paris I usually ate my baguette with butter and nutella, such a sweet way to start your day! I can really recommend you eating your petit dejeuner at least once at Cafe de Flore, it’s such a institution and the people watching is amazing!

The only thing that is quite hard to navigate in Paris is the coffee, my oh my, I have had some bad cappuccinos in my days at some of the best establishments in the city. I don’t know why it’s so darn hard to get a great cappuccino? By the way, you can’t say that you want a “cappuccino” in Paris, you will get something completely different from what you are used to (They just pour lots of cream on top of the coffee). Johan and I though we had cracked the code during this trip when we went to Le Hibou and saw people drinking a regular cappuccino (The one we are used to receiving in Sweden), we sat down and ordered two cappuccinos but received the weird looking French “cappuccino”, I then asked the waiter, what are they drinking over there? “Oh, that’s cafe creme!“. Perfect! Johan and I said, now we know what to order in Paris from now on, a cafe creme! Following the next day when we ordered breakfast at Les Deux Magots and we asked for “Deux cafe cremes s’il vous plait!” followed by the waiter serving us black coffee with a side of milk.. Haha, my oh my! It feels rather impossible to crack the coffee code in Paris! I do have some great go to coffee shops, most of them are located in Le Marais but it feels like a mission impossible to receive a decent coffee when you are out and about at a restaurant or cafe. Why is this? Do I have any French readers that could educate me on this matter?

Location: 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris

4 thoughts on “Petit déjeuner at Cafe de Flore

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Tack fina du! Det känns superkul efter en välbehövd paus! Kram!

  1. SaraF says:

    Älskar tonen i det här inlägget. Och sant med fransmännen och kaffet btw!

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Tack fina du, vad roligt att höra att du gillade inlägget! 🙂 Kram!


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