L’outfit du jour in Palais Royal

Photographer: Mon amour

L’OUTFIT DU JOUR IN PALAIS ROYAL. I haven’t felt this inspired to write in years, the break has truly been good. When it was at its worst, I think it was between 2017-2019 I couldn’t even open the computer to write, I felt sick in my body, the same way when I looked at my camera. I only felt pressure to produce, no joy, but I kept going and going until my body screamed at me to stop which I did and it’s the best decision I have ever made for myself. I had lost all joy and passion towards writing, photography and creating. I promised myself to only update my social channels when I felt joy in doing so, not because “I have to” and slowly but surely the joy has been coming back to me. Especially when it comes to photography, I have truly missed it.

I felt I wanted to share this outfit with you, I really loved wearing it, it truly represent my style at this stage of my life. I want to feel comfortable but still feel chic which I truly felt in this outfit. We shot these images in one of my favourite spots in Paris, le Palais Royal, such a beautiful and peaceful place.

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