Paris, je suis de retour

Photographer: Mon amour

PARIS, JE SUIS DE RETOUR. After not being able to travel due to Covid-19 during the last 2 years it felt almost surreal to be able to book my first trip and of course my first trip went to Paris. I have missed this city with my whole heart for such a long time now. Johan and I booked a super chic boutique hotel in our favourite neighbourhood St Germain des Pres, the area where I lived back in 2013. Staying just around the corner from my old apartment on 14 Rue Jacob, it truly felt like coming home.

I felt inspired to take up my photography again during the trip and to write this post, a feeling I haven’t had in a very long time. I think I needed to take a break from the blog during the last couple of years, only posting when I felt inspired. My passion for photography and writing what was started this blog, creating its following and being able to work as a blogger full time for so many years but I could feel the passion go away, little by little the more pressure that was added on my shoulders to always create new content and being constantly online. I truly feel that this break has been good for my health. I have been taking the time to focus on my mental health, doing a lot of healing, shadow work and meditation which has been helping me a lot in my healing process, I will write a post dedicated on my healing journey. But as for now I hope you will enjoy some posts from Paris!

I brought a list with me to Paris with all the patisseries, boulangeries and restaurants that I wanted to try and of course I will share my new found favourite spots here with you! First of is La Maison d’Isabelle where you will find one of the most delicious croissants in Paris! Bon appetit!

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