Top 5 brunch spots in NYC

TOP 5 BRUNCH SPOTS IN NYC. What wouldn’t I do to live in New York? I really want to try and live in New York with Johan in the future, it is something that I have on my bucket list and I will make that dream come true. I can’t help but love the energy of the city, I am constantly full of inspiration when I am here and I never go hungry either. My list of restaurants that I want to try grow by each day so I don’t know how I am going to have the time to try them all. I wanted to give you some of my favourite spots where I go for brunch in the city so sharpen those pencils and be sure to take notes!

TOP 5 BRUNCH SPOTS IN NYC. Vad hade man inte gjort för att bo i New York? Jag vill jätte gärna testa på att bo i New York med Johan i framtiden, det är något jag vill bocka av från min bucket list. Jag kan inte låta bli att älska energin som finns i denna stad, jag är konstant full av inspiration när jag befinner mig här och jag går då aldrig hungrig heller. Min lista av restauranger som jag vill testa växer för varje dag så jag vet inte hur jag ska hinna med att bocka av dom. Jag vill ge er några av mina favoritställen dit jag går för brunch i New York så vässa pennorna och anteckna dessa platser!

Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery.  I love this big airy venue in the middle of Nolita! I especially love to come here during spring and summer when they have their big outdoor terrace open and their brunch menu has everything that you are craving!

380 Lafayette Street, New York

Jack’s Wife Freda. This place is super popular and be ready to stand in line as the venue is quite small! I love their poached eggs and waffles, I pretty much always eat the same thing when I am here! It’s a fun crowd to look at as well!

Location: 224 Lafayette Street, New York

Café Gitane. This is a classic spot that I always come back to while in the city, nothing beats their smashed avocado toast and their waffles! Such a cute space! Remember to bring cash as you can’t pay with a card.

Location: 242 Mott Street, New York

Buvette. This is a French spot in the city and it has reached great success! It’s very low key when you pass by the restaurant on the street, you pretty much don’t see it if you don’t know it’s there. It’s absolutely adorable and filled with delicious food, they are known for their delicious eggs so be sure to try them out!

Location: 42 Grove Street, New York

Bluestone Lane Coffee. This is a new spot that I discovered last year and it’s already a new personal favourite of mine. It originally comes from Australia and that’s a place that is super famous for their delicious brunches so whatever you choose here on their menu will leave you incredibly full and happy!

Location: 30 Broad Street, New York

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