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SKINCARE FAVOURITES. I will put a lot of focus on beauty, make up and haircare during 2015. I have noticed a great demand from you readers that you would like to receive more advice on what beauty products really work. As a blogger you get to try so many products and through the years I have really gotten a couple of favourites that I love. I have put a lot of effort into my skincare routine lately and I have started to notice a difference in the balance of my skin. My skincare routine took about 1 min before and now it takes between 5 – 10 min every morning and evening.

I love the feeling that I am nurturing my skin in the best possible way. REN is one of the world’s leading skincare brands based in London. I love their products as they only use natural oils and esentials from flowers, making their products clean and both easy for your skin and our environment. Here below you will find 3 products that you can find in my bathroom that truly preforms magic on the skin. I hope you enjoy it!

SKINCARE FAVOURITES. Jag kommer lägga mycket mer fokus på skönhet, smink och hårvård under 2015. Det har varit en stor efterfrågan från er läsare kring vilka produkter på marknaden som faktiskt gör skillnad. Som bloggare så testar man så otroligt mycket produkter och man hittar verkligen sina favoriter. Jag har sedan en tid tillbaka börjat lägga enorm fokus på hudvård, en rutin som tog mig max 1 minut förut tar mig mellan 5 – 10 min morgon samt kväll. Jag har börjat märka en skillnad och man märker att balansen i huden har förbättrats avsevärt.

Jag älskar känslan att jag tar hand om min hud på bästa möjliga sätt. Här nedan kommer 3 produkter som står i min badrum som verkligen gör underverk med huden. REN är ett världsledande märke baserat i London som ni bland annat hittar hos Apoteket. Jag älskar deras produkter då de bara jobbar med naturliga oljor och blomextrakt i deras hudvård. Skonsamt mot både hud och vår natur. Hoppas ni gillar tipsen!

1. RENFlash rinse 1 min facial. – I use this product every 3rd day to pamper my skin a little extra in the morning. This is the first product ever to have water activated Vitamin C in it. And who can say no to getting a facial within 60 seconds? This product is a must have.

2. RENVita mineral Omega 3 optimum skin oil. If I choose between creams and gels I prefer gels as it doesn’t get sticky and this skin oil is pure magic, packed with omega 3 for the skin. I always apply this skin oil before I apply my day cream.

3. RENVita Mineral Active 7 eye gel. My skin under my eyes can get really dry, especially during the winter season so a eye gel is a must for me. This eye gel nurtures the skin on a deep level and repair the broken cells along the way. An important note is that you always apply your serum around the eyes first. Otherwise you might get other creams in this zone which is not good for the skin. Something I had never thought about before finding out a couple of weeks ago.

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