Drinking cakes & eating pastries in les Tuileries

Photographer: Mon amour

DRINKING CAKES & EATING PASTRIES IN LES TUILERIES. Enjoying the most delicious pastries from The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir in Jardin des Tuileries. The Ritz Paris own pastry shop with amazing chef Francois Perret being the creator of these delicious pastries and concept. I had read so much about their cake shake and was so excited to try it, their famous marble cake in liquid form! Can it get much more delicious than that? And it didn’t disappoint one bit, just wow! We also tried the rice pudding with caramel and my oh my, the most delicious biscuit I have eaten, you need to enjoy it with a cup of Ritz tea.

They have their own tea selection that you can buy in their Ritz shop with different kinds of Ritz blends and I fell in love with their classic earl grey blend that I enjoyed drinking in the park so I bought that one to bring home with me to Stockholm. It takes me right back to les Tuileries everytime I take a cup. I love buying different tea blends from the travels that we do, it truly brings me back to that trip when I enjoy a cup of that specific tea blend. I can highly recommend you to visit The Ritz Le Comptoir during your next visit to Paris, such a beautiful place with such stunning and delicious pastries and those cake shakes.. my oh my.. Not to be missed!

Location: 38 Rue Cambon, 75001 Paris

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