The Dalloway Terrace

Starting the lunch with a Mrs Dalloway Champagne cocktail!

THE DALLOWAY TERRACE. We discovered a new little gem in London between Soho and Covent Garden, The Dalloway Terrace, a beautiful restaurant located on a terrace. The terrace is beautifully decorated with flowers, benches with pillows and throws. This little gem is not too known so it’s just the right amount of people that find themselves here which I like because I do enjoy a more calmer setting, especially in a metropolitan city like London. We came here for lunch and we got the most lovely waiter that took care of us during the lunch, you can tell when the service comes from the heart and the service sure was genuine here. I started the lunch with the seared tuna, the meat was perfectly cooked, I’m a huge tuna lover so when it’s done properly it warms my heart. As for main course we tried the dover sole and the sea bass, with this we ordered some side dishes to go with the mains such as truffle fries, steamed kale, blackened cauliflower & green beans. To the main dishes we had a amazing white wine that I fell in love with, it was a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand from 2014 from the ‘Dog Point’ vineyard, I can highly recommend it! I truly love finding beautiful oasis like this one in London, somewhere you can go and relax and calm and still meal or a cocktail at night for the matter!


THE DALLOWAY TERRACE. Vi upptäckte en ny liten gem i London mellan Soho och Covent Garden, The Dalloway Terrace, en fantastiskt vacker restaurant beläget på en terrass. Terrassen är fantastiskt mysig, intim & dekorerad med vackra blommor samt bänkar fyllda med kuddar och plädar. Det är inte alla som känner till denna lilla pärla så det är lagom mycket folk. Vi kom hit för lunch och vi fick den mest underbara servitör som tog hand om oss, alla gav verkligen service från hjärtat på denna restaurang, man märker så fort om det är genuin service eller inte. Jag började lunchen med deras tonfisk, den var perfekt stekt och rädisorna tillförde en härlig kontrast mot tonfisken. Till huvudrätt så testade vi både deras sjötunga samt havsabborre, till detta beställde vi in olika tillbehör så som truffle fries, steamed kale, blackened cauliflower samt green beans. Till huvudrätten så drack vi ett fantastiskt vitt vin från Nya Zealand, en Sauvignon Blanc från 2014 från ‘Dog Point Vineyard’, ett vin jag varmt kan rekommendera. Jag älskar att hitta vackra små oaser i London som denna plats med underbar service och god fräsch mat!


Location: 16 – 22 Great Russell Street, London 



Seared tuna, soy & ginger dressing and pickled radish!

My amazing dover sole!

A creamy cappuccino please!

A grilled sea bass with zucchini and some cherry tomatoes!

Valrhona & pecan nut slice, salted caramel ice cream perfection!

Deciding between all the delicious desserts!

I also tried the cardamom pannacotta with rhubarb and strawberries! I loved this one, I love everything with rhubarb!

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  1. Rosie says:

    I love your London advices, I always follow your London guides when I go there! xo

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Hi Rosie! That makes me happy to hear! xoxo

  2. Olivia says:

    I love your food pictures, they always make me so hungry! 🙂

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Hi Olivia! Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you like them! xoxo


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