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SUNDAY BEAUTY. I would like to share with you some of my favourite products when it comes to hair and beauty! This is something that many of you have requested so of course I will do my best to please this request!

SUNDAY BEAUTY. Jag har fått många förfrågningar om att ni vill ha tips på mina favoriter när det kommer till skönhet. Givetvis lyssnar jag på det ni vill ha mer utav på bloggen så här kommer några tips:

1. Chanel blush: My favourite blushes come from Chanel, I think I have six different blushes from them now. My favourite blush is their “In love” color.

2. Kerastase serum: I have tried so many serums and this is by far my favourite, Kerastase elixir ultime. My hair has never been this happy.

3. Chanel skincare: I have been using Chanel’s hydra beauty creme for six months now and my skin has never been this smooth. I will definitely continue using their products. I am really tempted to try a couple of products from their sublimage line as well. I am looking for a great eye cream!

4. Guerlain primer: One of the best investments you can do if you want to have a successful make up finish is to buy a great primer, the secret is to lay the perfect foundation. I have been using Guerlain l’or with real gold for the last years and I am super content with it.

5. HR eyebrown pencil: I have very thick natural eyebrows, something I am very happy about. I rarely pluck them, I think it is gorgeous with full eyebrows. I have started to use Helena Rubenstein’s eyebrow pencil to make them a tad bit darker as they are so light as my hair color is dark blonde.

6. YSL concealer: A great concealer can make the most tired face look fresh and happy. I don’t get dark circles under my eyes luckily but I use a little YSL touche éclat to reflect the sunlight making the eye look bright and happy.

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