Shibuya crossing

Photographer: Mon amour

SHIBUYA CROSSING. One of the most unreal experiences in Tokyo was for sure the Shibuya crossing. The world’s most trafficked crossing with over 1 million people crossing everyday. In other words over 2 500 people need to cross the streets every 30 seconds. Something that truly hit me while being in Tokyo is how incredibly disciplined and organised the Japanese people are but I absolutely understand it, when you live in a city with 13,3 million people living in the central Tokyo and over 35 million people living in the surrounding areas of Tokyo you need organisation to make the city go round each day. Being a Swede you grow up learning to be respectful and follow rules but coming to Tokyo I realised quickly that they have taken it to a whole new level. They have organised lines to go enter a subway, the same way that they have a queue system to cross a street, but I like it, it makes life a bit easier in the intense masses of people that are constantly around you in tokyo.  Shibuya as an area was one of my favourite places to be in Tokyo, I love the surroundings, the area is filled with amazing shopping and a great selection of restaurants and cafes, not to be missed.


SHIBUYA CROSSING. En av de mest overkliga upplevelser i Tokyo var att uppleva Shibuya crossing. Världens mest trafikerade övergångsställe. Över 1 miljon människor går över detta övergångsställe varje dag. Med andra ord så ska ca 2 500 personer gå över här var 30 sekund. Något som slog mig är hur otroligt disciplinerade Japaner är. Som svensk så är man uppvuxen att visa mycket respekt och hålla sig till regler men Japanerna tar det några nivåer högre men jag förstår det mer och mer ju mer tid vi spenderar i Japan. De har utvecklade kösystem för att kliva på samt av tunnelbanan och samma sak när det kommer till övergångställen, man ställer sig i led för att få gå över, inte som i Stockholm där man ställer sig lite där man behagar att ställa sig. Men jag förstår Japanerna till fullo, man måste ha en extrem struktur och organisation för att få en stad med över 13,3 miljoner i centrala Tokyo samt i hela Tokyo-området så bor det över 35 miljoner. Shibuya som område är underbart, det var ett av mina favoritområden i Tokyo, jag älskade deras shopping samt rika utbud av caféer och restauranger, not to be missed!


Glöm inte att kika in på min bloppis för ännu en uppdatering!


Location: Shibuya Station, Tokyo, Japan


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3 thoughts on “Shibuya crossing

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Haha true that! Det blir nog ett ex antal krockar!

  1. ellie says:

    Dear Malin,

    Beautiful photos, my boyfriend also spoke to me about that crossing with great excitement but i really believe that the photos dont do it justice . I m not saying your photos are bad, quite the contrary, i think they are lovely, but i do believe that you actually have to be there to feel the buzz of all these people.

    Now my comment is a bit random but you gave me such a good tip with buying chocolates last Christmas that I thought you could help me with this as well!
    Boyfriend and I are now in Växjö where he is doing his AT doctor practice, and I realized that my pony loafers wont cut it here as it is raining ALL THE TIME!
    I never had to endure so much rain in spring or summer, neither in Stockholm, nor where I studied,and certainly not in the place where I grew up (it s one of the sunniest towns in Europe). So my question is… what shoes could I be wearing with this weather? It rains a lot and it s slightly cold but it s also spring!! And it ll continue like this in summer! I usually wear loafers or boat shoes in spring and summer but it rains so much,my feet get wet without socks ( faux pas!) .Do you have any ideas? Some type of ankle boot or is it too wintery? Also I dont really wear wellies unless I go to the countryside…

    Thank you !! Kram kram!

    Ellie ,the newcomer.


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