Restaurant Gastronomique

A little dish to cleanse the taste buds to begin with.


One of the top experiences during our castle roadtrip in France was for sure the divine dinner we had at Restaurant Gastronomique run by the talented chef Rémy Giraud. It is a 2 star Guide Michelin restaurant and I will never forget this night we spent at the chateau. We started the night with a glass of champagne, to this they served some appropriate h’ors d’oeuvres. After that they served the first dish which only served one purpose and that was to cleanse the mouth palate. It was amazing how well it worked.

I have eaten at a lot of amazing restaurants through my life all around the world but I can tell you this. I have never ever had a taste experience like this ever in my life during a dinner. Everything was spot on. Both Johan and I were in food heaven throughout the whole evening. I started with lightly smoked salmon back, beetroot mousse together with hazelnuts and parsley coulis. Then we had the aquitaine caviar which is  crayfish jelly, avocado stuffed whit spider crab cream and eggs cream. The most amazing caviar I have ever had in my life. For main course I had their shad fish filet, slightly grilled with sorrel sauce, light dumplings of fish and asparagus with crispy bread with tomato and sardine oil. It was pure perfection.

Everytime I go to a new restaurant I always want to look at their dessert menu first. I don’t know why, I guess it is because I am such a dessert kind of girl. And I think a restaurant’s creative vision of their dessert says a lot about their kitchen. Well it was a given what I wanted to order when I had looked through the dessert menu. Their lime souffle with chilled mango with ginger, chocolate and passion fruit feuilleté. After this experience we sat down in their grand livingroom where we drank champagne and talked for another couple of hours before heading to bed. Food, love and laughter. That is what I call life.


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