Denim on denim on denim

Photographer: Mon amour


DENIM ON DENIM ON DENIM. I love the denim on denim look, I always feel so 90ies chic when I wear denim on denim. I bought my denim jacket from Sandro last summer and I have been waiting for spring to come so I can start wearing it again, I love it so much. I have a denim dress from MiH that I really want to wear it with I just need to get a tan first so my legs will look representable, they are so pale right now. In this look I wear denim on denim on denim with a touch of denim coloured ballerinas, truly going all in for the denim look. I also tried a new ring combination, wearing my diamond alliance ring that Johan proposed with together with my Buccellati ring, I really liked the combination! I can’t believe that little Fleur has been with us for over 14 weeks now, time flies by so fast, a tradition that we have and do each day is that we go to Humlegården so she can meet and play with other dogs in the dog section of the park which she loves, it makes me smile so much when I see her run around and play with the other dogs, it truly warms my heart!


DENIM ON DENIM ON DENIM. Jag älskar denim on denim looken, man ser så härligt 90ies ut! Jag gick all in och körde denim on denim on denim med en touch av denim färgade ballerinor. Testade även en ny härlig ringkombination i form utav min diamantallians som Johan friade med tillsammans med min ring från Buccellati, tyckte det blev en himla snygg kombination. Den här veckan så fyller Fleur 21 veckor, det är helt otroligt att hon varit hos oss i snart 14 veckor. En mysig tradition vi har som vi gör varje dag är att vi går till Humlegården där de har en rastgård där lilla Fleur kan träffa och leka med andra hundar och det är så kul att stå och se på när hon springer runt och leker och minglar med de andra vovvarna.



SANDRO Denim jacket

POLO RALPH LAUREN  Shirt (Gifted from Wakakuu)

CARTIER Santos watch



CHANEL Ballerina



Note: The shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren is a gift from Wakakuu. The rest of the items shown in this outfit were bought with my own money.


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