Our bathroom at The Four Seasons, Seychelles

Some of my skincare favourites


OUR BATHROOM AT THE FOUR SEASONS, SEYCHELLES. The view from our bathroom here at The Four Seasons Seychelles is just beyond breathtaking, the most beautiful bathroom view I have ever experienced. Panoramic views over the bay with the most amazing bathtub overlooking our infinity pool, overlooking the ocean, it’s impossible to capture the beauty through images, I think my vlog will show it much better. It was more than a pleasure to get ready here every morning and every evening.

I wanted to show you some of the skincare products that I brought with me on this trip. I love Dermaceutic and ELIXIR, their products work really well on my skin. If you want to get to know the brand but are unsure which products to buy as first products to get to know the brand better and see if it works well on your skin I would recommend you to buy K-Ceutic from Dermaceutic and Niactil 4% from Elixir Cosmecuticals. Absolutely amazing products!


Note: None of the products are sponsored, I bought them with my own money.


10 thoughts on “Our bathroom at The Four Seasons, Seychelles

  1. Hanna says:

    Ser helt fantastiskt ut ? inte minst garderoben…Vore så kul om du ville göra ett inlägg om hur du planerar din packning till solsemestrar ☀️

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Hej Hanna! Tack för din kommentar samt tips på inlägg, det är absolut något jag skulle kunna göra! Kram!

  2. Hedda says:

    Ingen av produkterna, men boendet är väl ett samarbete eller?

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Det är inget samarbete, då hade jag skrivit ut det. En utav mina 30 års presenter var resan till Seychellerna.


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