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Photographer: Mon amour

OFF TO BRUNCH. Here is a outfit that I haven’t had the time to show you yet that I found in my media library the other day. I love that feeling when I know I’m starting to run out of content in my library and I by chance stumble on pictures that I haven’t published yet, love that. This is a look that I wore when Johan and I were heading out to brunch here in Stockholm and for the first time for the season it had gotten quite cold, I almost think it was minut degrees outside but I wouldn’t let that stop me from wearing my favourite skirt so I wore my warmest stockings from Wolford and a pair of fluffy boots from Mou in combination with my new jacket from DAY and I was completely protected from the cold.


OFF TO BRUNCH. Här kommer en look som jag ännu inte hunnit visa er som jag hittade i mitt bibliotek. Det ger en alltid en sådan glädje att hitta nytt material i ens bibliotek som man lite halvt glömt bort när ens material börjar ta slut! Denna look bar jag när jag och Johan skulle iväg på brunch hemma i Stockholm och det hade blivit kyligt för i princip första gången, tror nästan det var minus grader ute men inte ska det hindra en att bära kjol! Jag tog på mig mina varmaste strumpbyxor från Wolford och ett par fluffiga och sköna boots från Mou. I kombination med min nya jacka från DAY så var jag perfekt skyddad mot kylan!






WOLFORD Stockings



MOU Boots

5 thoughts on “Off to brunch

  1. ISA says:

    alltid så roligt med stockholmsbilder 😉 din väska gör en så glad med!

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      tack finaste du! Ja, man blir verkligen glad av väskan, en härlig röd färg indeed! Kramar till dig!

  2. Ellie says:

    Hej Malin!!

    I love this skirt but I absoltely LOVE your jacket!
    I wanted to continue my comment on your operakallarenpost but then I saw this new thread and I had to comment here!The other time when I saw you in sturecompagniet (i still dont remember how that part of the venue was called) it was my first big night out in Stockholm, and what caught my eye first was your skirt. I thought that this girl has a great style and is not wearing an all black/black trousers white top/something grey outfit! And then I realised it was you.(I really dont want to sound creepy!=)This is one of the reasons i like your blog a lot, you really work with colours which I dont really see a lot here.I do like black as well but god there s a lot of mute colours during winter here!Where I am from we like our vibrant colours and sparkle,i think due to the good weather.

    I would like your advice on something. We ve left my guys grandmas christmas gift a bit too late and I was thinking to get her a nice box of chocolates. I dont want to ask his parents where to get it from because I d like it to be a bit of a suprise. Do you know where I could get a nice one? I am not sure if we would like something in a tin box or just some fresh collection. I was thinking to go to the patisserie in NK but I thought to ask you beforehand since you like you r tea and fikas and I thought you may know something nice.

    Thank you!


    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Hi Ellie! You are too cute, thank you so much for your warming comment! It makes me really happy to start off the day reading your comment! 😀 I’m just like you and I love wearing colors even though it’s dark and cold outside, I think it gives so much energy and joy by wearing patterns and colors! You should have said hello when you saw me, I would have loved to have met you in person! I hope you had a fun night out!

      Of course, I am zeee chocolate go to person and I know exactly where you should buy your chocolate from! My favourite chocolates come from Betsy Sandberg,

      You can find her shop in Östermalmshallen, their ‘kola’ is amazing, not to be missed, my personal favourite is their passion fruit praline but all the pralines are super nice and made with the highest quality! Your boyfriend’s grandma will love it if she enjoys a good quality chocolate! I also need to ask you, how did you find my blog? xoxo

  3. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your advice I knew you d have something good to propose! i ll definitely pay a visit! I hadnt noticed a chocolaterie in there but to admit I had been only to one of the meat counters.
    I didnt want to appear strange or invade your privacy,but if i see you somewhere again I will definitely drop a hello!
    Around a year ago when I decided that I wanted to move over with my boy after finishing uni I decided that I wanted to fit in more so I started looking for scandinavian inspiration outfits. I think I either found you through by choosing sweden as a country, or I googled fashion bloggers stockholm and it came up as a result.I remember that back then you were in a lot of trips abroad but it was easy to navigate through the city guides tab and choose stockholm. SO another thumbs up for the organisation!Initially I wanted to also dress with the dark colours etc but the scandi chic hasnt worked that well for me,androgynous muted clothes dont fit my greek silhouette neither my islander born and bred mentality so i have ended up having just boring basics now. And that s where your blog helped me to see how i could i ll turn it around again and mix my pieces!God I really dont want to sound strange!But I do believe that good work is nice to be recognized.

    Thank you again for your advice, you re very kind.
    Puss puss,


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