Drinks at The Rivoli Bar

Cocktails at The Rivoli Bar!

COCKTAILS AT THE RITZ. If you like to go out for cocktails in London you must go to The Rivoli Bar. Johan and I went here for a cocktail before our dinner reservation at The Ritz restaurant. It felt like you travelled baked in time and went straight back to the Great Gatsby. The ambience was so chic and vivid and the bartenders were spectacular and so were the cocktails! Charlie Chaplin was a regular guest of The Ritz and has his own Champagne cocktail named after him that is called Sir Chaplin which was very tasty.

COCKTAILS AT THE RITZ. Om du tycker om att gå ut och ta en cocktail i London så måste ni gå till The Rivoli Bar. Johan och jag gick dit för en drink innan vi skulle på middag på The Ritz restaurant. Det kändes som man färdades tillbaka till the Great Gatsby . Stämningen var otrolig och drinkarna likaså! Charlie Chaplin var en stammis på The Ritz och har en egen Champagne cocktail döpt efter sig på drinkmenyn, den kallas Sir Chaplin och den var riktigt bra!

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