10 things to do when in San Francisco


10 THINGS TO DO WHEN IN SAN FRANCISCO. In collaboration with San Francisco Tourism I spent most of last week discovering San Francisco for the first time. We had a packed schedule with lots of fun things to do so we really got to experience as much as possible of this great city during 4 days. Here comes my personal list of 10 things you definitely should experience if you come to San Fran for the first time.


10 THINGS TO DO WHEN IN SAN FRANCISCO. I samarbete med San Francisco Tourism så spenderade jag större delen utav förra veckan i San Francisco. Vi hade ett härligt program inplanerat för oss så vi fick verkligen upptäcka större delen utav San Fran på 4 dygn. Här kommer min personliga lista med favoriter på de 10 saker ni bör göra om ni befinner er i San Francisco för första gången.


1. Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market – As a passionated food lover this comes highest on my list of things to experience in San Fran. The markets take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

2. Fort Point – During the mornings we had some free time and I always took a cab to Fort Point to start my day watching the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge and then walk along the beach towards the city. A beautiful way to start the morning and discover the Golden Gate Bridge. Also make sure to discover the Golden Gate Park, filled with so much beauty to discover.

3. The Painted Ladies – You might recognise these houses from ‘Full house’ and they truly are very charming and definitely worth a visit. It’s a very scenic view from this park, overlooking the painted ladies and the downtown area of San Fran.

4. San Francisco Love Tours – A great way to learn a lot about the history of San Fran and a great way to see a lot of San Francisco is to book a private guided SF Love tour experience. Your guide will take you all around San Fran in a hippie car and you will have the best time and learn so much.

5. Pacific Heights (& Lower Pacific Heights) – This is one of my favourite areas of San Francisco. The cafés, restaurants and architecture here is on point. So many gorgeous victorian townhouses, great brunch spots and shopping. Take a day just to enjoy and discover this beautiful neighbourhood.

6. Lombard Street – One of the most famous streets in the world, definitely worth a visit, even though the crowds can be a bit intense in the afternoons. I would recommend you to come early in the morning to beat the crowds. I decided to walk the entire street from its beginning to its end. The incline was intense but definitely worth it.

7. Baseball game at the AT&T Park – Even though the actual game of baseball isn’t that exciting to watch (It’s quite a slow game) I would absolutely recommend you to come for a baseball game when you are in San Fran. The view from the stadium is spectacular (Watching the sunset from here is perfect). You definitely come here to be social, hang out with friends, eat food and enjoy some drinks. Don’t miss the garlic fries and the crab sandwiches.

8. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – Great museum to visit if you are in the mood of getting inspired.

9. Legion of Honor – A beautiful museum definitely worth a visit.

10. Grand View Park – The perfect place to watch the sunset.

(11. Alcatraz Island & Prison – I’m not a big fan of prisons, the experience at Alcatraz was pretty spooky so I wouldn’t really recommend anyone to go here, except for the boat ride out to the island which gave a lovely view over San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. But if you are into prisons or horror movies this is a place for you)


Enjoying my time in San Fran to the fullest

The downtown area of San Fran reminded me a lot of New York

We started our hippie bus tour in the area of the Marina District

The beautiful area of Pacific Heights 

Lombard Street

My favourite house on Lombard Street

Going around San Fran in our hippie bus

Serene mornings at the Golden Gate Bridge

Enjoying a baseball game with the most stunning sunset

Walking all the way from Fort Point in to the city

The farmer’s market is a must do experience

Overlooking the Painted Ladies

San Fran is a city filled with so much scenery, wherever you look!

Our little hippie bus

Coming in towards Alcatraz from the boat

The gorgeous views from Pacific Heights

10 thoughts on “10 things to do when in San Francisco

  1. e says:

    Hej! Kan du inte kommentera vad skrivit om dig, det gällande vad ni köpte lägenheten för och hur försäljningen inte går framåt osv?

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      I dagens bostadsmarknad så tar det mellan 1-2 veckor extra att få sin lägenhet såld. Köparna är väldigt avvaktande i sina beslut. Det är inget märkligt överhuvudtaget, lägenheten har bara legat ute i 2 veckor på Hemnet. Allt handlar om timing.

      1. Beatricehair says:

        Varför är priset sänkt redan efter två veckor då? ?

        1. AFashionistasGuide says:

          Det finns en strategi bakom allt som en mäklare gör, inget är en slump.

  2. Linnea says:

    Vilket perfekt samarbete och älskar att du alltid markerar så tydligt i inlägget när det är ett betalande uppdrag 🙂

    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Tack fina du, det gör mig glad att höra! Det var fantastiskt roligt att jobba tillsammans med SF Tourism på detta uppdrag! Kram!

  3. Fredrika says:

    Er lägenhet är så fantastiskt vacker, önskade att jag hade råd att köpa den 😀


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