Lunch at La Réserve à la Plage, St Tropez

LUNCH AT LA RÈSERVE À LA PLAGE, ST TROPEZ. During our vacation we rented a house in St Tropez. My favourite kind of vacation, I love to rent a house, making you feel more like a local in another country. We spent our days enjoying different beaches, beach clubs, restaurants or just enjoying some quiet time at home in the villa by the pool, reading books and drinking rosé. I just can’t get enough of the French riviera, there is no other place I would rather spend my summer vacay.

One of the best lunch experiences we had during our vacay was without a doubt at La Réserve à la Plage, a new restaurant located on Plage de Pampelone. They serve Mediterranean cuisine and the menu is filled with mouth watering dishes, you want to eat it all. Some of my favourite dishes that we ate was their burrata (Made to share) which was divine. We also ordered their yellowfin tuna with corn (Which was my favourite), their truffle rigatoni as well as their divine guacamole made of avocados from Peru (Peru have the best and most delicious avocados in the world). I must say, it was the most delicious guacamole I have eaten in my entire life.

I can’t recommend this place enough! Can’t wait to come back next year! After our lunch we spent our afternoon on their beach beds, swimming in the ocean, drinking rosé, reading our vacay books, simply soaking in the wonderful ambience of the French Riviera!

Yellowfin tuna ceviche with corn, so utterly delicious!
The most delicious guacamole I have ever eaten, made of avocados from Peru
A hungry Johan, ready to enjoy this divine lunch
The most divine burrata
Truffle rigatoni

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    1. AFashionistasGuide says:

      Eller hur! Allt var sååå himla gott! Kram!


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