Lunch at La Réserve à la Plage, St Tropez

6 September, 2019

LUNCH AT LA RÈSERVE À LA PLAGE, ST TROPEZ. During our vacation we rented a house in St Tropez. My favourite kind of vacation, I love to rent a house, making you feel more like a local in another country. We spent our days enjoying different beaches, beach clubs, restaurants or just enjoying some quiet time at home in the villa by the pool, reading books and drinking rosé. I just can’t get enough of the French riviera, there is no other place I would rather spend my summer vacay.

One of the best lunch experiences we had during our vacay was without a doubt at La Réserve à la Plage, a new restaurant located on Plage de Pampelone. They serve Mediterranean cuisine and the menu is filled with mouth watering dishes, you want to eat it all. Some of my favourite dishes that we ate was their burrata (Made to share) which was divine. We also ordered their yellowfin tuna with corn (Which was my favourite), their truffle rigatoni as well as their divine guacamole made of avocados from Peru (Peru have the best and most delicious avocados in the world). I must say, it was the most delicious guacamole I have eaten in my entire life.

I can’t recommend this place enough! Can’t wait to come back next year! After our lunch we spent our afternoon on their beach beds, swimming in the ocean, drinking rosé, reading our vacay books, simply soaking in the wonderful ambience of the French Riviera!

Yellowfin tuna ceviche with corn, so utterly delicious!
The most delicious guacamole I have ever eaten, made of avocados from Peru
A hungry Johan, ready to enjoy this divine lunch
The most divine burrata
Truffle rigatoni


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Born to go with Samsonite

27 August, 2019

This post is a collaboration with Samsonite


BORN TO GO WITH SAMSONITE. Travelling smoothly has become more and more important for me with age. When I was younger I had no problem buying a ticket with 1-2 stopovers, buying the early morning flight because it was the cheapest. But at this point in my life I prioritize convenience and comfort above all. Always choosing direct fights, avoiding those early morning flights at all costs and buying business class tickets when we fly long haul so I can arrive well rested at the final destination. So for me it’s more than natural that my suitcases need to be just as smooth and light as the rest of my journey and Samsonite has been my go to suitcase since I was young. My parents always bought Samsonite bags so I have truly seen the product development closely during these last 20 years and it makes me even more proud to collaborate with Samsonite. These Samsonite suitcases are so extremely light and are super smooth to roll, it feels like they are floating along beside you. You don’t want to feel that your suitcases are a hassle, they should at all times make your life easier when travelling.

A new feature that Samsonite has launched recently is the ‘Make your bag personal’ feature that you can apply to certain bags in their selection. You can read more about which bags you can apply this in here. My bags are branded with @afashionistasguide so they can’t be mistaken to be somebody else’s bags when they arrive on the baggage belt and it’s always a fun feature to make your suitcases a bit more personalised.


SAMSONITE Lite Cube Prime 82 cm

SAMSONITE Lite Cube Prime 55 cm




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New in: & Other Stories and Soludos

15 August, 2019


NEW IN: & OTHER STORIES AND SOLUDOS. I did some shopping before our vacation in Saint-Tropez, I needed some vacay bags, a pair of white denim shorts and a new pair of espadrilles and I must say that my little shopping session was a great success! I found 2 super cute vacay bags in the & Other Stories store on Biblioteksgatan, such a great brand a store that I recently started to discover a bit more, this was my first time shopping there. I loved their selection, will definitely come back for more! After that I found the perfect pair of white denim shorts at Twist & Tango that I have used so much since buying them, they are so comfy and has the perfect length. After that I walked up towards Östermalmstorg where you can find Åhlens which is a big department store. I found 2 espadrilles from Soludos (Which is one of my favourite brands for espadrilles) as well as a third vacay bag which I have used so much since buying it! All in all, this shopping session was a great success, I found everything I was looking for!


NEW IN: & OTHER STORIES AND SOLUDOS. Inför vår semester i Saint-Tropez så gjorde jag en liten shoppingrunda på stan där jag köpte lite passande semesterföremål. Jag gick bland annat in på Akademibokhandeln (En butik jag absolut älskar) och köpte med mig 4 böcker att läsa (Älskar att läsa böcker). Efter det så gick jag ned på Biblioteksgatan och slank in på & Other Stories av en slump, har aldrig direkt haft en relation till detta varumärke förens några få veckor tillbaka men jag måste säga, wow, vilket härligt varumärke och älskar deras butik samt utbud! Det fanns verkligen mycket fint! Jag spanade in deras väskor då jag letade efter lite semesterväskor och hittade 2 stycken (Den med snäckor på samt den runda bollen) och blev så nöjd med mina inköp, riktiga fynd!

Sedan så promenerade jag vidare upp mot Östermalmstorg där jag slank in på Åhlens där jag köpte två espadrilles från Soludos (Ett utav mina favoritmärken när det kommer till espadrilles). Samt så hittade jag en tredje semesterväska som jag har fått så mycket nytta utav sedan jag köpte den! Letade även efter ett par vita shorts och hittade ett par riktigt snygga inne på Twist & Tango. En riktigt lyckad runda på stan måste jag säga!



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10 things to do and see on Österlen

30 July, 2019

Photographer: Mon amour


10 THINGS TO DO AND SEE ON ÖSTERLEN. One of my favourite areas of Skåne is Österlen, the scenery, the landscapes, the restaurant scene, all the art galleries. This is for sure one of the most beautiful places that we have in Sweden and especially during the summer season when everything blossoms and opens up for business. Here comes 10 of my favourite spots on Österlen that you must visit if you decide to come here. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!


– Enjoy a classic Swedish fika at Olof Viktors. – Make sure to enjoy a classic fika at Olof Viktors. I love their carrot cake (One of my all time favourites) and their lemon meringue pie.

– Pizza at Kafferosteriet. Check in 1-2 nights at Örum119 (Located next to Kafferostriet) and have this as a base during your days exploring Österlen. You have a ice cream shop, delicious pizza and a gastronomic restaurant at your doorstep.

– Sunbathe at Sandhammaren. Enjoy a picnic on the beach or just enjoy a day of sunbathing in this National Park.

– Fancy dinner at Daniel Berlin. The best fine dining experience you can experience on Österlen. A must visit.

– Lunch at Franskans Crêperia. One of the best crêpes that you will ever eat in Skåne.

– Lunch and a little shopping at Mellby Klockargård. – Make sure to stop by for lunch and a little shopping in their store where they sell locally sourced products and ceramics.

– Spend the day at Knäbäckshusen strand – This little hidden beach is a true gem on Österlen and a must visit if you decide to come here.

– Eat ice cream at Glassbåten in Åhus – Walk around and enjoy this picturesque little harbor village.

– Enjoy a delicious pizza at Fridens Gårdskrog. – Such a beautiful place, a must visit.

– Go for a hike on Brösarps Backar – Absolutely stunning nature and scenery, go for a hike and enjoy the stunning views!



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Summer in Stockholm

9 July, 2019

Photographer: Mon amour


SUMMER IN STOCKHOLM. It feels almost surreal that we have had our beautiful little Miss Fleur in our lives for almost 6 months, she turns 7 months tomorrow, time has passed by so quickly, even faster when you have a little pupp! Getting a dog is by far the best decision we have made so far in our lives, the love we have for her is above and beyond! Something that is going slow on the other hand is our search for a new apartment to buy, we hav been looking for 6 months now and we haven’t found one single apartment that we would like to buy, the selection has been really bad. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will find something in August or September when people are back from their vacation and the selection becomes a bit better again on Hemnet.


SUMMER IN STOCKHOLM. Det känns helt otroligt att vi redan haft underbara lilla Miss Fleur i vårt liv i snart ett halvår, hon fyller 7 månader imorgon, tiden går så sanslöst snabbt och helt klart extra snabbt med en liten pupp! Att skaffa hund är det absolut bästa som vi gjort hittills i våra liv, den otroliga kärleken vi känner för henne är above and beyond! Något annat däremot som går väldigt trögt är att hitta en ny lägenhet, vi har letat nytt i 6 månaders tid nu utan att hitta någon lägenhet som vi vill köpa, utbudet har varit riktigt dåligt. Men jag håller alla tummar och tår att det kommer ut en lägenhet som vi blir kära i till den stora visningshelgen i Augusti för nu under sommaren så är utbudet riktigt riktigt lågt, finns absolut ingenting intressant. Håller tummarna att vi har köpt nytt i Augusti eller September. Ser så mycket fram emot att få sätta tänderna i en ny renovering! Har redan visionen klar i huvudet för kommande kök samt badrumsrenovering!


TOD’S Sunglasses

SANDRO Jeans jacket

GANNI Lace top

CARTIER Santos watch



CHANEL Ballerina



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