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My favourite haircare products

27 June, 2019


MY FAVOURITE HAIRCARE PRODUCTS. It was a long time ago since I did a post about what haircare products I use on a daily basis. I love to try new beauty products, finding new favourites every now and then but I do have some brands that I keep coming back to and those are Redken (The blue anti snap series) and Kérastase (The greenresistance series), both these series work so well on my hair! I have very silky Scandinavian hair, which also means that the hairs are thin so they easily snap, so I need hair products they keep my hair strong from within.

I buy all my haircare products on NK (They have such a great selection of brands and products) and I was introduced to the brand OUAI and I love the products that I have bought so far from the brand, their dry shampoo is one of the best I have ever tried (I LOVE dry shampoo, I use it at least 2-3 times per week) and I recently bought their hair & body shine, such an amazing product, when I have styled my hair I just spray this shine all over my hair and body for that extra touch of shimmer.

I was also introduced to the brand Christophe Robin, I had never heard of the brand before but he creates some of the top haircare products that there is out there so I was intrigued to experience it myself. As I have very thin Scandinavian hair it becomes greasy after only 1-2 days and I can make it look fresh until the end of day 2 by using dry shampoo but then I want to wash my hair again as I can’t stand the feeling of not having freshly washed hair. Christophe Robin has this wonderful product that you apply to your scalp while you are in the shower, before you use your shampoo and conditioner that makes you hair stay fresh for up to 4 days. For me this is a game changer! I could also do a special post on what products I use for my hair when I style it if that would be of interest? These are the products that I use on a normal day.


REDKEN Extreme shampoo

REDKEN Extreme conditioner

KÉRASTASE Resistance Ciment Thermique

CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Scrub lavant purifiant au sel marin

OUAI Dry shampoo

OUAI Hair & Body shine mist


Note: None of these products are sponsored, they were all bought by me.




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Our bathroom at The Four Seasons, Seychelles

21 June, 2019

Some of my skincare favourites


OUR BATHROOM AT THE FOUR SEASONS, SEYCHELLES. The view from our bathroom here at The Four Seasons Seychelles is just beyond breathtaking, the most beautiful bathroom view I have ever experienced. Panoramic views over the bay with the most amazing bathtub overlooking our infinity pool, overlooking the ocean, it’s impossible to capture the beauty through images, I think my vlog will show it much better. It was more than a pleasure to get ready here every morning and every evening.

I wanted to show you some of the skincare products that I brought with me on this trip. I love Dermaceutic and ELIXIR, their products work really well on my skin. If you want to get to know the brand but are unsure which products to buy as first products to get to know the brand better and see if it works well on your skin I would recommend you to buy K-Ceutic from Dermaceutic and Niactil 4% from Elixir Cosmecuticals. Absolutely amazing products!


Note: None of the products are sponsored, I bought them with my own money.



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Breakfast at The Four Seasons, Seychelles

17 June, 2019

Photographer: Mon amour


BREAKFAST AT THE FOUR SEASONS, SEYCHELLES. Something that I love about staying at a Four Season property is that you can always feel safe that the food and beverage experience will be excellent. Something that both Johan and I find very important when we choose a hotel or a resort for an up coming travel. It has happened in the past that we have booked a 5 star resort which has delivered an excellent experience on all points but the food hasn’t been on that same level which is a quite big let down as when you stay at a resort pretty much everything you do revolve around the resort so it’s even more important that the food experience is on point at all times. That’s one of the many reasons why both Johan and I love staying at a Four Season property, they always deliver world class culinary and beverage experiences.

My favourite breakfast set up is the combination of having both a breakfast buffé, preferably smaller but with the highest quality of everything that is on it as well as having an à la carte menu and that is the combination they had here. I’m not a buffé kind of person, I much rather order 1-2 dishes, something to drink and I will be more than content. It didn’t take long before I found my breakfast favourites here, as for beverage I always had a iced latte, freshly made mango/passionfruit juice, a tropical smoothie, coconut pancakes with maple syrup and banana as well as an avocado toast. And yes, if you didn’t know it already I’m a huge breakfast lover, it’s for sure my favourite meal during the day, a delicious way to start off the day!


BREAKFAST AT THE FOUR SEASONS, SEYCHELLES. Något man alltid kan känna sig trygg med när man checkar in på ett Four Season hotel eller resort runt om i världen är att matupplevelserna alltid är helt fantastiska något som både jag och Johan verkligen värdesätter när vi bokar våra resor. Ibland kan man checka in på det mest fantastiska 5 stjärniga hotell där matupplevelsen inte är på samma nivå som resten utav hotellet. Men the Four Seasons har gjort det till en del utav deras produkt att alltid leverera förstklassiga matupplevelser på alla deras properties runt om i världen. Frukosten här är helt underbar, de har en otroligt kvalitativ frukostbuffé samt en rik à la carte meny där de har precis allt och lite till. Jag navigerade snabbt till mina favoriter på menyn. Varje morgon så beställde jag en iced latte, färskpressad mango/passionsfrukt juice, en tropisk smoothie, coconut pancakes med maple syrup och bananer samt en avocado toast. Jag absolut älskar frukost, det är helt klart mitt favoritmål på dygnet, livet blir så mycket roligare med en god frukost!

Efter frukosten så brukade vi promenera ned till stranden, sola och bada lite, läsa våra böcker och när solen blev för intensiv för att läsa så switchade jag till att lyssna på mina favoritpoddar så kunde jag ligga skönt med slutna ögon, höra havet i bakgrunden samt solens strålar på min hud, den kombinationen är svårslagen. Mellan 12.00 – 14.00 när solen är som mest intensiv så brukade vi passa på att antingen boka in oss på deras fantastiska spa för en behandling, de har en ayurvedisk läkare på plats samt en rad ayurvediska behandlingar som jag har varit otroligt intresserad utav de senaste 2 åren så jag passade på att boka in mig på ayurvediska behandlingar medan Johan bokade in sig på hederlig massage för att få bukt med hans stela rygg och nacke. Om vi inte bokade in oss på spa så tog vi en lång lunch på Kannel, en utav deras restauranger. Eftermiddagarna brukade vi spendera uppe i vår villa, utsikten över bukten från vår pool var helt exceptionell samt att man får total privacy, man ser inte in till en endaste granne, det kändes verkligen som att man var helt isolerad med djungeln runt omkring en.



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Staying at The Four Seasons Seychelles

17 June, 2019

Photographer: Mon amour


STAYING AT THE FOUR SEASONS SEYCHELLES. Of all the places that we have visited around the world The Four Seasons on the Seychelles has a very special place in both mine and Johan’s heart. I remember like as if it was yesterday, the first time that we stayed here back in 2014, it was one of the most magical places I had ever seen, the bay where the resort is situated has one of the most breathtaking beaches with sand that feels like cashmere between your toes. It’s so calm, so serene, surrounded by the lush nature, the rich bird life and the sound of the ocean, this resort truly has some enchanted fairy dust sprinkled over it, if you have stayed here once you will want to come back. This is exactly how Johan and I felt so after 5 years we came back and it felt just as amazing as our first visit, if not even better. I was a bit scared at first that I would feel the same way about it as I did the first time, that part of the magic would have disappeared as I had already experienced it but oh no, how wrong I was. It felt even mor intense this time as I could truly soak it all in, enjoying every single minute of our stay to the fullest.

Something that I really love about the Seychelles is that its all about hillside villa resorts, the sam way that the Maldives is all about experiencing the stunning over water villas. The Seychelles is all about panoramic views over the stunning bay where the resort is located and The Four Season’s has one of the best bays on the island, the beach and the views are just exquisite. We stayed in villa 604 which is a stunning villa  with stunning views over the resort and its bay. It was a pure pleasure to wake up and go to bed with this view with the sound of the ocean and the rich Seychelles birdlife in the background.


STAYING AT THE FOUR SEASONS SEYCHELLES. Av alla platser vi besökt runt om i världen så är The Four SeasonsSeychellerna i en klass för sig. Jag minns så väl första gången vi bodde här 2014, det var bland det vackraste jag någonsin skådat, bukten som Four Seasons resort ligger i har den mest gudomliga stranden, sand så len så det känns som att man går på cashmere. Naturen på Seychellerna är så lush, det är verkligen en frodande ö men ett otroligt rikt fågelliv som man får ta del utav varje dag. Tror vi såg mellan 15-20 olika fågelarter under de 8 dygn som vi spenderade på ön. En utav mina favoritfåglar som jag såg var en helt otroligt vacker kornblå fågel som hade fjädrar som skimrade i metallic, blev alltid lika glad varje gång den dök upp.

På Seychellerna så är det hillside villas som gäller, de flesta resorts ligger i en egen bukt och resortets villor ligger placerade runt om bukten men strålande panoramautsikter ju högre upp man bor. Vi bodde i villa 604 som är en av de villorna som ligger med en alldeles strålande position för att kunna blicka ut över precis allt och lite till, det var en fröjd att vakna upp samt gå och lägga sig till denna utsikt varje dag. Vill man åka ned till stranden eller någon utav resortets restauranger så ringer man bara en buggy som kommer och hämtar en och kör en till den plats man vill. Är man ambitiös så kan man absolut promenera ned till stranden men det är rätt branta backar så buggys är helt klart det mesta bekväma sättet att ta sig runt. Håller även på att klippa ihop en vlogg från vår vistelse här som jag kommer publicera på Youtube samt här på bloggen denna vecka.


TOM FORD Sunglasses


HUNKEMÖLLER Lace shorts (New!)



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Late lunch in our villa

13 June, 2019

MAIA Resort & Spa, Seychelles


LATE LUNCH IN OUR VILLA. I love that you don’t have to keep track of any times here at MAIA Resort, you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever you please. At one of the resort’s restaurants or in the comfort of your own villa. Johan and I mostly ate in our villa during our stay here, having a private chef that cooks anything you want is such a luxury I would love to bring home with me. During the lunch when these photos were taken I had a tuna poké bowl  and Johan had their truffle pizza, I just can’t get enough of poké bowls, it’s such a perfect lunch. I had a SPA-treatment almost every day, their signature MAIA-treatment was above and beyond amazing, one of the best massages I have ever had in my life, both Johan and I were complete zen hours and hours after the massage. Other than spending quite a lot of time in the spa we were focused on just relaxing, reading the books that we had packed with us, drinking pina coladas by the pool, swimming, tanning, eating delicious food, listening to all the amazing Seychelles birds chirping in the trees surrounding us. The Seychelles truly is a paradise, not a lot of places can compete with this island.



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