Safe tooth whitening with Confident Smile

29 September, 2019

This post is in collaboration with Confident Smile

SAFE TOOTH WHITENING WITH CONFIDENT SMILE. I samarbete med Confident Smile så har jag testat deras säkra och Peroxid-fria hemmakit för tandblekning. Jag har aldrig någonsin blekt tänderna i mitt liv så för mig var det extra viktigt att använda mig utav ett märke som är säkert för både emaljen samt tandköttet. Jag gillar även att man bestämmer själv hur länge man vill att behandlingen ska pågå (Max 45 min per session) samt hur många behandlingar man vill göra, Confident Smile rekommenderar att man gör upp till 3 stycken behandlingar för att nå maximalt resultat.

Jag kände att jag ville ta det lugnt i och med att detta är första gången jag testar att bleka tänderna så jag gjorde en liten kur på 15 min med tandskenan i munnen följt utav 10 min med LED lampan. Mitt mål var att göra en subtil touch up på mina tänder och det lyckades jag med. Då jag dricker sanslöst mycket te, speciellt nu på hösten så skapar det avlagringar på tänderna så ska börja en tradition av att göra små hemmakurer varannan månad för att ge tänderna det där lilla extra.

Med min kod ‘afashionistasguide’ så erhåller ni 15% rabatt på hela Confident Smile’s sortiment. Istället för 495kr så betalar ni 421kr för deras startkit.

Redo att påbörja min lilla kur!
Älskar Confident Smile’s touch up pen, den är supersmidig att använda!
Redo att sätta igång min kur!
Blev mycket nöjd med min lilla touch up utav mina tänder!


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Top 10 afternoon teas in London

16 September, 2019

Photographer: Mon amour

TOP 10 AFTERNOON TEAS IN LONDON. I have been to over 20 afternoon tea  sessions in London and I have truly gathered a lot of knowledge regarding what makes a divine high tea experience and not. I still have many places on my list that I would like to experience during this coming year and perhaps I will find new spots in the city that will enter my list of the best high tea places. I would like to share some of my personal favourites when it comes to afternoon tea, each of this places offer something unique and amazing! What I am looking for when I am judging a afternoon tea experience is everything from the serivce, the presentation, the knowledge regarding the tea selection, the surrounding and ambience and of course the quality of the pastries & scones as well as if they offer that little extra that takes the whole experience to the next level, I add up all of these different aspects and then I can give them my final grade.

TOP 10 AFTERNOON TEAS IN LONDON. Jag har varit på över 20 afternoon teas i London nu och har verkligen byggt upp en kunskap kring vad som gör en bra afternoon tea upplevelse och inte. Jag har många platser på min lista som jag vill uppleva detta år, jag vill fylla på min kunskap och se om man hittar nya platser som toppar den lista man hittills har byggt upp. Här kommer några av mina personliga favoriter, alla erbjuder något unikt och fantastiskt på denna lista. Det jag letar efter när jag bedömer en afternoon tea upplevelse är allt från servicen som man upplever till presentation, kunskapen kring teerna som presenteras, omgivningen och miljön man befinner sig i samt kvalitén på bakverken, the finger sandiwiches samt deras scones. Samt om de erbjuder det där lilla extra som höjer hela upplevelsen en nivå, allt detta skapar en helhet som jag värderar.

Brown’s Hotel –  I have been here several times to enjoy their afternoon tea and there is a reason why I keep coming back, their excellent service and knowledge in the world of teas is amazing. It feels like you are in your British mansion on the countryside when you sit and listen to the pianist play and you sip on your perfectly made tea. The scones are always excellent and their finger sandwiches are always so moist and divine. An all around excellent high tea experience! It works just as great to come here with your family, friends or partner.

Location: 33 Albemarle Street, London

The Berkeley – This is a fun and chic afternoon tea experience to enjoy with your girlfriends! They have their own take on the high tea experience called ‘Prêt-a-Portea’. A very creative and chic way of serving a high tea through the eyes of the fashion world. Each season they update the high tea menu and the pastries you eat are all inspired from the runways around the world. I especially love their cocktail menu!

Location: Wilton Place, Knightbridge, London

Claridge’s – I love this legendary hotel in London, the afternoon tea experience is very classy and very British!  The service was outstanding and their tea competence was amazing. I learnt so much about tea when I was here and our personal tea sommelier took us through the entire session with a constant smile on our faces. The pastries were truly divine and I love the surrounding. I will be back for more!

Location: 49 Brook Street, London

 The Ritz -This is one of the most famous afternoon teas in England and you need to book well in advance to get a table. This is the perfect place to come to for Christmas and Easter or other big celebrations. I was here during Christmas and I loved their Christmas high tea and the live choir singing for us.

Location: 340 King Street, London

Ham Yard Hotel – This is a very modern and chic version of an afternoon tea experience, I love the modern setting at the beautiful Ham Yard Hotel. This is where you go with your friends, partner or family for a more relaxed setting but you still want to keep the high quality of the food.  I still remember the pastries like it was yesterday, the red velvet macarons and the chocolate ganache cake were truly divine.

Location: One Ham Yard, London

 The Savoy – One of the best afternoon teas in London. Everything from the  interior design, the ambience, all the history that surrounds you in this stunning venue to the juicy finger sandwiches and delicious pastries.

Location: 2 Savoy Ct, Strand, London

 The Lanesborough – The most stunning afternoon tea venue in my opinion, this room has so much light, stunning original stucco and everything feels so royal. The service is impeccable, the tea selection is divine and everything from the pastries to the finger sandwiches and scones are pure perfection. One of my all time favourite afternoon tea experiences.

Location: Hyde Park Corner, London

 Milestone Hotel – This afternoon tea experience is so cozy. The Milestone Hotel is a super British boutique hotel with so much history attached to it. The afternoon tea room is intimate and they don’t offer that many afternoon tea tables so make sure to make a booking in advance if you plan to come here.

Location: 1 Kensington Ct, Kensington, London

 The Mandarin Oriental – This afternoon tea experience is so chic! They have a bit more of a modern touch to their afternoon tea experience, it has a bit more of a light and airy feel to it. The space is stunningly decorated and the quality of the food and tea selection is impeccable. Loved it.

Location: 66 Knightsbridge, London

 Corinthia Hotel – A modern twist to a classic afternoon tea experience. I love the playful porcelain, the beautiful display of pastries and cakes. The light and airy feel of the room. A wonderful afternoon tea experience that you should not miss when in London.

Location: Whitehall Place, Westminster, London

The Goring – One of my all time favourite hotels in London. This place has a kind of magic in the air that you can feel. I have stayed at The Goring several times and the experience you get here is always extraordinary. Their afternoon tea experience is absolutely wonderful, the setting, the ambiance, the quality of the food and beverage, everything is at its highest quality. I absolutely love it here!

Location: 15 Beeston Pl, Westminster, London

Afternoon tea at The Lanesborough

Afternoon tea at The Savoy

The marvellous finger sandwiches at The Savoy

Afternoon tea at The Ham Yard Hotel

Afternoon tea at The Lanesborough

The stunning pink pastries at The Lanesborough

Flying afternoon tea at The Mandarin Oriental

The gorgeous porcelain at The Mandarin Oriental

Afternoon tea at The Ritz

Afternoon tea at The Ritz

Afternoon tea at Claridge’s


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10 things to do and see in Saint Paul de Vence

11 September, 2019

Photographer: Mon amour

10 THINGS TO DO AND SEE IN SAINT PAUL DE VENCE. One of my all time favourite little mountain villages in the South of France is without hesitation Saint Paul de Vence. This little village has such history and charm, filled with countless of antique stores, art galleries and neat little boutiques selling curated fashion and accessories. They also have the most picturesque little Relais & Chateau property located in the village, Hotel le Saint-Paul which I love. It’s the perfect boutique hotel for a romantic get away. We ate dinner at their restaurant one night and the ambiance is absolutely magical and the food and beverage experience is absolutely mouth watering. Johan surprised me during our dinner with a present, an absolutely stunning sapphire/diamond bracelet that goes perfectly with my engagement rings.

I wanted to share my 10 favourite things to see and do in Saint Paul de Vence in this post so here we go! I hope you will find some new favourites!

Le Tilleul – Enjoy a romantic dinner here and make sure to book a table outside with the best sunset view. This place has such an amazing ambiance.

La Colombe d’Or – An absolutely stunning 5 star boutique hotel. Perfect for a romantic get away or make sure to stop by for lunch or dinner. The garden it absolutely beautiful.

Fragonard – Be sure to pay this boutique a visit. I love Fragnoard and I always make sure to stop by to buy souvenirs and presents for friends and family.

Le Saint Paul – The perfect restaurant to enjoy a romantic date night with your loved one.

Musée Renoir – Saint Paul de Vence is filled with so much beautiful art to discover as well as museums, Musée Renoir being one of them, a must visit when in town.

Le Petite Cave de Saint Paul – If you are a wine lover make sure to stop by Le Petite Cave de Saint Paul and buy some wine from local producers. They have a great selection.

Les Gourmandises – My favourite ice cream in Saint Paul de Vence can be found right here. I love their salted caramel flavour as well as their peach flavour.

Foundation Maeght – One of the most famous art galleries in Saint Paul de Vence. A must visit when in town.

The Folon Chapel – Discover the design work of Jean-Michel Folon by visiting this chapel. Folon’s close collaboration with village craftsmen, his stained glass designs, sculptures, and fascination with light, are all keys to understanding his world and his conception of art.

Grande Fontaine – This square has always been the busiest spot in the village. From dawn until dusk villagers would come to fetch water, donkeys and mules would drink, and washerwomen would scrub and beat their laundry in the washhouse. The square also hosted the weekly market in the 17th century.

Enjoying a date night at Hotel Le Saint Paul
Enjoy all the art galleries and antique stores that this little village has to offer
Beautiful Saint Paul de Vence
Johan surprised me with the most stunning diamond/sapphire bracelet, I love it so!
Wherever you go in Saint Paul de Vence you will find picturesque backdrops
Enjoying delicious salted caramel & peach flavoured ice cream
Date night with the love of my life and my best friend <3
Tilleul is another gem in Saint Paul de Vence (Come here for a romantic sunset dinner)
Enjoying the beginning of the golden hour
A glass of rosé before it’s time for dinner..
Scenic views wherever you look
Exploring all the beautiful galleries that Saint Paul de Vence has to offer


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Our home in Saint Tropez

8 September, 2019

Photographer: Mon amour

OUR HOME IN SAINT TROPEZ. The house we rented was located in a suburban area approximately 10 minutes away from the harbour of Saint Tropez. It was such a calm area, such a lovely contrast to the city center of Saint Tropez which is pretty much one big, never ending party.. I love taking part of it but I need some down time in between, just chilling by our pool, reading, enjoying some rosé, eating delicious French cheeses and baguettes, otherwise it can get a bit overwhelming. Not really feeling like a vacation, more like a part-time job, keeping up with everything that Saint Tropez has to offer.

This was a look that I wore before we headed down to the harbour to enjoy some delicious ice cream at our favourite ice cream parlour Barbarac (I love the tarte Tropezienne flavour) to then watch the sunset before heading out to dinner.

TOM FORD Sunglasses

MIGUELINA Lace top (New!)


MIGUELINA Shorts (New!)


CHANEL Ballerina


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Lunch at La Réserve à la Plage, St Tropez

6 September, 2019

LUNCH AT LA RÈSERVE À LA PLAGE, ST TROPEZ. During our vacation we rented a house in St Tropez. My favourite kind of vacation, I love to rent a house, making you feel more like a local in another country. We spent our days enjoying different beaches, beach clubs, restaurants or just enjoying some quiet time at home in the villa by the pool, reading books and drinking rosé. I just can’t get enough of the French riviera, there is no other place I would rather spend my summer vacay.

One of the best lunch experiences we had during our vacay was without a doubt at La Réserve à la Plage, a new restaurant located on Plage de Pampelone. They serve Mediterranean cuisine and the menu is filled with mouth watering dishes, you want to eat it all. Some of my favourite dishes that we ate was their burrata (Made to share) which was divine. We also ordered their yellowfin tuna with corn (Which was my favourite), their truffle rigatoni as well as their divine guacamole made of avocados from Peru (Peru have the best and most delicious avocados in the world). I must say, it was the most delicious guacamole I have eaten in my entire life.

I can’t recommend this place enough! Can’t wait to come back next year! After our lunch we spent our afternoon on their beach beds, swimming in the ocean, drinking rosé, reading our vacay books, simply soaking in the wonderful ambience of the French Riviera!

Yellowfin tuna ceviche with corn, so utterly delicious!
The most delicious guacamole I have ever eaten, made of avocados from Peru
A hungry Johan, ready to enjoy this divine lunch
The most divine burrata
Truffle rigatoni


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