The search for our new apartment

23 September, 2018


THE SEARCH FOR OUR NEW APARTMENT. We have now started the search for our new apartment, a fun and exciting process that I have been looking forward to! We went on 3 showings earlier today and will go on 3 more tomorrow. Two of the apartments that we looked at were really interesting and we might even bid on them. We want to stay on Östermalm, this is the area where we have lived for the last 4,5 years and we love it here but we would like to buy something that’s 15 – 20 square meters bigger than our current apartment and preferably with a balcony. Let the search begin!


THE SEARCH FOR OUR NEW APARTMENT. Nu har letandet börjat efter vår nya lägenhet, en himla spännande och rolig process! Vi var iväg på 3 visningar idag och ska iväg på ytterligare 3 imorgon. Två av de lägenheter som vi tittade på idag var väldigt intressanta och helt klart värda att buda på. Vi vill bo kvar på Östermalm då vi trivs så bra här men vi vill köpa något 15 – 20 kvm större och gärna med balkong. Om ni säljer ert objekt off the market så är det bara att mejla mig på

Jag har fått många frågor kring vart vår spegel kommer ifrån, den kommer från fantastiska Per Söderberg och kostar 16 000 kr. Älskar hans möbler, barstolarna, matbordet samt matstolar kommer också från Per Söderberg. Inne i badrummet så valde vi att måttbeställa duschväggar från INR, deras duschväggar är helt fantastiska och jag är otroligt nöjd med resultatet. Vi ville inte ha “stela dörrar” då det skulle ta så mycket plats, därför blev jag så glad när jag såg i deras sortiment att de har otroligt snygga ihopfällbara duschväggar, på så sätt så behåller vi rymden i badrummet. Har även fått många frågor om vår kemtvätt från LG som vi har i vår walk in closet, den heter ‘LG Styler’ och ligger på ca 23 500 kr.



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The 5 best coffee shops in San Francisco

23 September, 2018
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THE 5 BEST COFFEE SHOPS IN SAN FRANCISCO. In collaboration with San Francisco Tourism I spent most part of last week discovering the beautiful city of San Francisco. It has been a great pleasure to work together with SF Tourism for this project and I’m looking forward to working more together in the future. I loved that they gave me free hands in terms of creating the content that I wanted for my social channels, this way I can produce content that I know you will enjoy the most. As a huge food lover my focus was to eat and drink my way through San Fran as much as possible during these 4 days and it’s exactly what I did. San Francisco has an excellent selection of independent coffee shops, roasting their own beans in small quality quantities. So I made sure to drink my way through the selection of cappuccinos that this city has to offer and here comes my 5 favourite spots for coffee in San Fran.


THE 5 BEST COFFEE SHOPS IN SAN FRANCISCO. I samarbete med San Francisco Tourism så spenderade jag större delen utav förra veckan i fantastiska San Francisco. Det har varit fantastiskt roligt att jobba med SF Tourism på detta projekt och ser fram emot att jobba ihop mer i framtiden. Jag fick helt fria tyglar kring hur jag ville skapa mitt content till dessa inlägg vilket jag verkligen uppskattar då jag kan anpassa innehållet till de områden som jag vet ni uppskattar allra mest här på bloggen. Under de 4 dygn som vi spenderade i San Fran så såg jag till att testa så många olika coffee shops som möjligt och San Fran har verkligen ett helt otroligt utbud på independent coffee shops och här kommer mina 5 favoriter som ni inte bör missa.


1. BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE – Hands down my favourite place for a creamy cappuccino in San Fran.

Adress: 2453 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115


2. RITUAL COFFEE ROASTERS – Some of the best espresso in San Fran.

Adress: 432b Octavia Street, San Francisco, CA 94102


3. ANDYTOWN – Also famous for their delicious muffins, don’t miss out.

Adress: 3655 Lawton Street, San Francisco, CA 94122


4. SIGHTGLASS COFFEE – They also have great pastries, the pistachio croissant is one of the most popular ones. They also offer some gluten free items.

Adress: 270 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


5. COFFEE BAR – Great cappuccino!

Adress: 1890 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110




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10 things to do when in San Francisco

21 September, 2018


10 THINGS TO DO WHEN IN SAN FRANCISCO. In collaboration with San Francisco Tourism I spent most of last week discovering San Francisco for the first time. We had a packed schedule with lots of fun things to do so we really got to experience as much as possible of this great city during 4 days. Here comes my personal list of 10 things you definitely should experience if you come to San Fran for the first time.


10 THINGS TO DO WHEN IN SAN FRANCISCO. I samarbete med San Francisco Tourism så spenderade jag större delen utav förra veckan i San Francisco. Vi hade ett härligt program inplanerat för oss så vi fick verkligen upptäcka större delen utav San Fran på 4 dygn. Här kommer min personliga lista med favoriter på de 10 saker ni bör göra om ni befinner er i San Francisco för första gången.


1. Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market – As a passionated food lover this comes highest on my list of things to experience in San Fran. The markets take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

2. Fort Point – During the mornings we had some free time and I always took a cab to Fort Point to start my day watching the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge and then walk along the beach towards the city. A beautiful way to start the morning and discover the Golden Gate Bridge. Also make sure to discover the Golden Gate Park, filled with so much beauty to discover.

3. The Painted Ladies – You might recognise these houses from ‘Full house’ and they truly are very charming and definitely worth a visit. It’s a very scenic view from this park, overlooking the painted ladies and the downtown area of San Fran.

4. San Francisco Love Tours – A great way to learn a lot about the history of San Fran and a great way to see a lot of San Francisco is to book a private guided SF Love tour experience. Your guide will take you all around San Fran in a hippie car and you will have the best time and learn so much.

5. Pacific Heights (& Lower Pacific Heights) – This is one of my favourite areas of San Francisco. The cafés, restaurants and architecture here is on point. So many gorgeous victorian townhouses, great brunch spots and shopping. Take a day just to enjoy and discover this beautiful neighbourhood.

6. Lombard Street – One of the most famous streets in the world, definitely worth a visit, even though the crowds can be a bit intense in the afternoons. I would recommend you to come early in the morning to beat the crowds. I decided to walk the entire street from its beginning to its end. The incline was intense but definitely worth it.

7. Baseball game at the AT&T Park – Even though the actual game of baseball isn’t that exciting to watch (It’s quite a slow game) I would absolutely recommend you to come for a baseball game when you are in San Fran. The view from the stadium is spectacular (Watching the sunset from here is perfect). You definitely come here to be social, hang out with friends, eat food and enjoy some drinks. Don’t miss the garlic fries and the crab sandwiches.

8. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – Great museum to visit if you are in the mood of getting inspired.

9. Legion of Honor – A beautiful museum definitely worth a visit.

10. Grand View Park – The perfect place to watch the sunset.

(11. Alcatraz Island & Prison – I’m not a big fan of prisons, the experience at Alcatraz was pretty spooky so I wouldn’t really recommend anyone to go here, except for the boat ride out to the island which gave a lovely view over San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. But if you are into prisons or horror movies this is a place for you)


Enjoying my time in San Fran to the fullest

The downtown area of San Fran reminded me a lot of New York

We started our hippie bus tour in the area of the Marina District

The beautiful area of Pacific Heights 

Lombard Street

My favourite house on Lombard Street

Going around San Fran in our hippie bus

Serene mornings at the Golden Gate Bridge

Enjoying a baseball game with the most stunning sunset

Walking all the way from Fort Point in to the city

The farmer’s market is a must do experience

Overlooking the Painted Ladies

San Fran is a city filled with so much scenery, wherever you look!

Our little hippie bus

Coming in towards Alcatraz from the boat

The gorgeous views from Pacific Heights


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The best breakfast spots in San Francisco

19 September, 2018


THE BEST BREAKFAST SPOTS IN SAN FRANCISCO. In collaboration together with San Francisco Tourism I spent last week exploring San Francisco. I spent a lot of time in the southern part of California when I was younger but this was my first time exploring the Northern part of Cali. I have thought about San Fran many times, what I would think of this city that I have heard so much about but  never managed to visit so it truly was a great joy to get to work together with the tourism board of San Francisco on this. I must say that the city of San Fran went above and beyond the expectations that I had of this city. What I loved the most about this city is how extremely scenic it is, wherever you go there is either a stunning view over the ocean, dramatic hills, gorgeous Victorian townhouses, the beautiful golden mountains or a little bit of everything mentioned above combined. There was something that caught your eye around every corner and I found myself just standing, gazing at all the beauty that San Fran intales as a city.

Something else that I loved about San Francisco was its great selection of cute cafés and coffee shops for breakfast, I was eating my way through San Fran, one café at a time and I found some personal favourite that I wanted to share with you. If you are planning a trip to San Fran and you are a foodie like me, be sure to bring this list of places with you, they are the only ones you will need!


THE BEST BREAKFAST SPOTS IN SAN FRANCISCO. I samarbete med San Francisco Tourism så spenderade jag förra veckan i San Francisco, min första gång i denna stad men definitivt inte den sista. Jag har spenderat mycket tid i södra delen utav Kalifornien när jag var yngre men detta var första gången jag besökte den norra delen och San Fran gick above and beyond mina förväntningar. Det jag gillade absolut allra mest är hur otroligt visuell och dramatisk denna stad är, intensiva kullar, branta backar som leder upp till de mest fantastiska utsiktsplatserna med strålande vy över havet samt staden. Sedan så är ju arkitekturen i en klass för sig, otroligt färggranna och utsmyckade townhouses pryder större delen utav staden. Jag stannade upp var och varannan sekund bara för att stå och beundra dessa vackra hus samt knäppa av en bild eller två så jag även kan minnas dom in i framtiden.

Något annat jag älskade med San Francisco var stadens helt otroliga utbud på mysiga caféer och coffee shops så jag tänkte dela med mig utav mina 11 favoritställen i San Fran för att njuta av en härlig frukost! En guide ni definitivt bör backa med er om ni planerar att åka till San Fran anytime soon. Here we go:


Rose’s Café – The breakfast pizza or the French toast with strawberries are not to be missed.

Adress: 2298 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123


Jane on Fillmore – The avocado toast here is one of the best in San Fran, I loved every single bite. (Their cappuccino is also on point)

Adress: 2123 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115


Devil’s Teeth Baking Company – The special breakfast sandwich is one of the most famous ones. Their cinnamon roll is also on point.

Adress: 3876 Noriega Street, San Francisco, CA 94122


Zazie – Go for the eggs benedict, french toast or the pancakes.

Adress: 941 Cole Street, San Francisco, CA 94117


Vive la tarte – The avocado toast, quiches, croissants here are not to be missed.

Adress:  1160 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Tartine Bakery – Go for the morning buns, croque monsieur or the tartines.

Adress: 600 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA 94110


Stable Café – A great spot to pick up a coffee and a sandwich.

Adress: 2128 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94110


Mission Beach Café – The best french toast in San Fran.

Adress: 198 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Blue Bottle Coffee – My favourite spot to pick up a creamy cappuccino and a breakfast pastry to go.

Adress: 66 Mint Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Café St Jorge – A lot of great gluten free options.

Adress: 3438 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110


Plow – You need to try the lemon ricotta pancakes here.

Adress: 1299 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107



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Interior design: Our apartment

8 September, 2018


INTERIOR DESIGN: OUR APARTMENT. When I started to fill the apartment with furniture my vision was to create a contrast between the classic and old elements of living in a building from 1893 in combination with more sleek design pieces. I have fallen head over heels in love with the furniture that the architect and designer Per Söderberg makes, his pieces have the perfect combination of being both classic and having a sleek design. If you haven’t seen his furniture yet, be sure to check out his website, everything that he does is pure perfection!


Click here to come straight to the apartment on Hemnet.


INTERIOR DESIGN: OUR APARTMENT. När jag inredde lägenheten så ville jag skapa en härlig mix utav det klassiska och tidlösa som man hittar i denna sekelskiftslägenhet i kombination med mer moderna samt mer sleek pieces. Jag absolut älskar formskaparen samt arkitekten Per Söderbergs möbler, han har ett showroom bara några hundra meter från vår lägenhet och av en slump så gick jag förbi det en dag och föll head over heels över hans möbler. Om ni inte har spanat in hans möbler ännu så bör ni definitivt göra det, wow säger jag bara, allt han gör är ren och skär perfektion!


Klicka på denna länk för att komma direkt till lägenheten på Hemnet.

FLOS Ceiling lamp


PER SÖDERBERG Marble dining table


PER SÖDERBERG Neb Bar stools

FLOS Floor lamp


PER SÖDERBERG Bed side table (In the bedroom)


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